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Black Maternal Child Health

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry presents Advancing Birth Justice

Getting to the Root I: "The Real"

Getting to the Root II: "The Real"

17P and Preterm Birth Experiences

Ebony’s Story

Rasheeda’s Story

Caring for Pregnant Women

Wellness Solutions

Wellness Wednesday- Community Doulas of SJ

Wellness Wednesday- High Blood Pressure & Preeclampsia

Wellness Wednesday- Tobacco and Preterm Birth

Summer Speaker Series

Summer Speaker Series- Preparing for Black Breastfeeding Week

Summer Speaker Series- Are You At Risk The Connection Between Chronic Disease and Preterm Birth

Summer Speaker Series Q&A Fatherhood Roundtable

Maternal Experience Survey Talks: 

What is the Maternal Experience Survey?

Maternal Experience Survey Talk


How to Overcome Breastfeeding Obstacles

Breastfeeding and the NICU


Black Breastfeeding

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