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Providers & Agencies

PPI provides support and access to tools you can use in caring for women at-risk of preterm births.  

COVID-19 "Go Kit"


Go Kits are a new resource available to prenatal providers for patients at high risk for pre-term births.  Developed under the guidance of a physician advisory board, the Go Kit includes key self-monitoring tools and other health items that are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.



  • Number of Go Kits requested (limit of 25 kits per order)

  • Each kit contains one of the following: blood pressure monitor with cuff, digital thermometer, mask, water bottle, and consumer educational materials related to pregnancy.

  • Additional Blood Pressure Cuffs (while supplies last)

  • Each blood pressure monitor includes a medium sized cuff (appx 8.5” x 15”). For larger sized cuffs, complete this section. Select any combination of the two options provided below. The total number of large size cuffs should not exceed the total number of kits in your order. Sizes: 2.6” x 20.5” 16.5” x 18.8”

  • Additional Urine Dip Sticks (Optional)

  • Provide number of cartons. 100 sticks per carton.

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QUESTIONS: Please direct all questions/concerns to Christine Ivery at civery@fhiworks.org.

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